iFace Inner Sheet for iPhone 13 Series

    iPhone Model: iPhone 13 mini
    Style: Aurora Frost
    Sale price$6.99

    Clear case customization made easy! 

    Introducing the Reflection Inner Sheet - A super-cute iridescent film designed for quick, easy customization of iFace Reflection Tempered Glass Cases and other clear-backed cases including iFace Look In Clear, Pellucid, and Glaston. 

    An easy way to create your own DIY aesthetic phone case, this decor sheet lets you express your creativity by showcasing photos, stickers, cutouts, ticket stubs, and more for a one-of-a-kind personalized look. 

    Ultra-thin at just 0.2 mm, it’s designed to add a beautiful sparkly finish to your phone’s surface without adding unnecessary bulk to preserve the snug fit of your case.  Please

    Note: For decoration only - not a protective film. It cannot prevent scratches and other damage to your phone; must be used with a compatible case.
    Anti-scratch protective film must be removed from BOTH the front and back of the sheet before use. From inside the outer packaging and before removing both protective films, the iridescent design on the sheet may not be visible. This is not a defect. The design will appear clearly once both protective films are removed. Scratches, fading, color changes, and other degradation may appear with age or due to adhesives or solvents. To prolong the life of the product, avoid bending or scraping the film, and avoid adhering non-reusable or repositionable stickers or adhesives directly to the sheet. Designed for compatibility with iFace Reflection and Look In cases.

    May also be compatible with other clear cases, but we are unable to confirm compatibility with non-iFace products. 

    Available For: [2021 iPhone 13 Models] iPhone 13 mini 5.4", iPhone 13 6.1", iPhone 13 Pro 6.1", and iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7" 

    Dimensions: Approx. 6.2 in x 3.0 in (15.9 x 7.6 cm)

    Weight: 0.1 oz (3 g)

    Thickness: Approx. 0.01 in (0.2 mm)

    Material: PET 

    Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly from how it appears online.

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