First Class Pusheen for iPhone XS Max

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    Style: Pusheenicorn (Purple)
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    • Military grade protection for your iPhone X or XS in a pretty, stylish package
    • Features a corner loop for attaching straps, lanyards, cell phone charms, and other accessories
    • Hard, glossy PC outer shell provides a perfect surface for adhering a ring holder, stand, or card wallet
    • A raised lip protects both screen and camera from drops and scratches

    Face It. Your Phone Deserves Better.

    Give your phone an upgrade to First Class and see why over 20 million customers worldwide choose iFace to keep their phones protected.

    Our cases have become a favorite of women all over the world due to their sophisticated design and top-notch quality. Whether you're a lover of all things girly, glittery, and glamorous, or if bright, punchy colors are more your style - we know iFace has a case you'll love.

    What makes the First Class different?

    • Mirror like shine making every color pop
    • Sleek curved outline that feels great to hold and offers an extra protective boost at the corners (where your phone needs it most!)
    • Low bulk, high fashion: Durable, multi layer drop protection in a simple, elegant one-piece design
    • More color choices than any other brand for those who want to stand out in the crowd

    Is this case wireless charging compatible?

    While the First Class has been tested and confirmed compatible with many wireless chargers, we cannot affirm compatibility with all due to the slightly curved shape of the case and the varying strengths of different chargers.

    The frame around the camera opening detaches from the case. Is this normal?

    This piece is designed to add extra protection for your camera lens. You may detach it and leave it off of the case, for example, to make room for a more raised lens protector, or snap it back into place as you wish. Since the back of the case is slightly flexible to accommodate easier application/removal, this piece may come loose, particularly while applying the case to your phone. Once the case is on your phone, however, the piece is designed such that it will not come off so long as it has been placed correctly since it snaps in to the inside of the case.

    Can I use a screen protector with this case?

    Yes. The raised lip on the front of the First Class is designed so that it will not interfere with screen protectors.

    Is this a hard or soft case?

    It's composed of a hard, clear coated PC plate and a silicone like TPU inner layer. The result is a hard yet slightly flexible case, making it easier to put on and take off while feeling tough and rigid once on your phone.

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